Specifically developed and produced for the mechanical oscillations of electrical equipment and devices around the equilibrium point under operating conditions, Rezonex products aim for maximum vibration control.

In 2016, we started to produce a family of vibration isolation products consisting of modular rubber pads and floating floor feet for vibration isolation solutions, which we have turned into a complete solution package for vibration with ceiling and wall hangers.

With Rezonex, Vibration is Under Control!

In modern buildings, comfort needs are provided with many different mechanical and electrical equipment. The rotating parts and motors of mechanical and electrical equipment generate vibrations at different rates at different operating speeds.

These vibrations and the noise emitted throughout the building cause loss of comfort and adversely affect the lifetime of the devices. It is inevitable to provide vibration isolation with spring or rubber based vibration absorbing isolators and systems consisting of hangers and rubber pads.

20 years of making it Quiet and Safe!

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