Sound Insulation with Tunex

In 2015, as a result of our long R&D studies, we produced the first Tunex impact sound insulation underlay by recycling rubber foam thermal insulation material. In the light of the continuation of our studies, we expanded our product range by including end-of-life tires (ELL) in this upcycling production. We continue to offer upcycling solutions with the Tunex family consisting of impact sound insulation underlay, airborne sound insulation underlay, heavy sound barrier, tapes and strips.

100% upcycling solutions in Impact Sound Insulation and Airborne Sound Insulation.

  • It is a source making periodic vibrations in a flexible medium, causing changes in the equilibrium pressure of the medium and transmitting these pressure changes to distant points of the medium with a constant speed and a certain phase difference.
  • Sound can originate and propagate in solids, liquids and gases. Since the speed of sound propagation will vary according to the characteristics of the environment, where the sound is born becomes important in terms of the measures to be taken.
  • Sounds Born in Air: The vibrations of a sound source pass into the air and spread in the air. Live sounds, thunder, TV sound, music sound, etc.
  • Solid Sounds: The vibrations of a sound source are born and propagated in a solid. Plumbing, ventilation, generator, step sounds, etc.
  • TUNEX, the sound insulation product group we have developed with our experience and expertise in sound insulation, prevents sound transmission in buildings at the highest level.

20 years of making it Quiet and Safe!

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