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Phone : +90 216 508 20 50

Seismic Protection

DKM Construction & Consultancy provides Project-Detail Solutions and Material Supply Services on Seismic Protection, Vibration Control and Sound Insulation.

Besides the seismic resistance of the structures, the importance of seismic protection of non-structural elements has been understood. In our country, which is located on the second most intense earthquake zone in the world, it is an inevitable necessity to provide seismic protection in non-structural elements as well as the structures are designed to be resistant to earthquakes. The mechanical, electrical and architectural components in the building should be prevented from being disconnected during an earthquake, damaging the system and itself, causing loss of life or blocking the escape routes. Protection of non-structural systems, which make up about 80% of the total cost in financial terms, and falling insurance costs should be taken into account.

We are considering the seismic protection system by our expert engineers as a system, and we perform calculation, projecting and supervision services with the right material, appropriate detail, effective solution approach.

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