Acoustic lamp that are made of PET felt ,designed by Dutch design brand De Vorm, perform the lighting function and at the same time dampen the sound.

The design of the lamp combined with the sound-absorbing material creates a soft sound dampening effect. This effect can be experienced on a meeting table, desk or dining table.

The acoustic lampshades are ideal for crowded areas as it mitigates noise and easily adapt to the environment with its dimmable light feature.

‘’Playful Touch’’

De Vorm describes acoustic lampshades as a unique aesthetic and graphic design with ribbed pattern that adds a "playful touch". This ribbed pattern adds strength to the lampshade, while also creating the necessary volume for the lamp. Its distinctive ridged shape is made by 3D pressing recycled PET felt into a mold. The PET Felt lampshade has a soft texture and a bold ribbed pattern on the outside, while the inner surface features a soft white fabric. The white inner lining gently diffuses the LED light into the environment.

A Sustainable Design

Acoustic lampshades are made from PET felts from recycled plastic bottles. These material is sustainable. Thanks to this way, a flat sheet of felt can be pressed into any desired form.

The lampshades comes in 11 different color options that can adapt to any interior design. While the collection includes colors such as pink and yellow, It also includes neutral colors such as beige and olive.

The lampshade has a white inner coating, the fasteners are metallic, and the electrical cable is transparent.

The collection design can adapt to screw-base bulbs with a diameter of 26 or 27 mm.

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