The perfect solution for noise and air pollution is from the German company Naturawall.

Naturawall, a new living space, prevents noise while cleaning the air.

Naturawall says that sustainable construction means preserving the habitat of the following generations.

Not only the manufacturing of construction material, but also the construction itself should be environmentally friendly, so we employ steel as the main material. The construction project must be considered in terms of its overall lifecycle. Steel construction complies with the principles of sustainable construction to a large extent,’ says the company. For this reason, Naturawall uses steel material in the wall construction. Naturawall’s material, which is galvanized steel, is entirely resistant to extreme weather conditions, giving the structure a long lifespan.


There is also the possibility of planting garden flowers and vegetables on the walls. Naturawall strengthens natural habitats and serves as a shelter for birds and other creatures in the region. For these reasons, the wall's mass increases over time and can provide sound insulation up to 67 dB. It even offers a sound insulation strength comparable to a 50 cm thick concrete wall.

Naturawall also offers extra advantages as it is produced from 98.5% recyclable materials, occupies less space, and does not require expensive investments.

Naturawall, which takes its name from the company name, is appreciated by customers with its appearance resembling a green fence, and fast assembly time.

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