The Margot Krasojevic Architectural Studio offers a hotel design that reduces seismic activities and minimizes the following destructions near the city of Naples, as a solution to the earthquake problem of Italy, which has increased frequency from the past to the present.

The architecture of the proposal offered by the office has a program shaped according to the effects of earthquakes and tremors in the surrounding area. The design, which was developed with software simulations to better understand the effects of earthquakes on the earth, is aimed to minimize the effects caused by the earthquake with special choreographic fiction and seismic damper locking frames that reduce kinetic energy and provide a solution to vibration problems.

The main idea of design consists of three separate elements which move away from each other when any activity is recorded by the hotel’s seismometers.  The main schema, built on exposed foundations made of partially stacked rubber and lead plates, acts as a seismic isolator by sitting on a series of the parallelogram. Light elements, which reduce the vibration by reducing kinetic energy, displace from the landscape when the earthquake occurs and serve as a shock absorber between the topography and the structure.

It provides an innovative architectural solution to the earthquake problem by allowing early earthquake warning signs, including seismic readings on seismic damper foundations, and seismic notifications received by GPS receivers, with its water tray reverberations that act as tremor detection elements.

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