An earthquake is a shaking the surface of the earth, caused by sudden movement in the earth's crust. They can be extremely violent. Earthquakes are usually quite brief but may repeat. This creates seismic waves, which are waves of energy that travel through the earth.

Every moment of life, such as sitting at home, working in the office, or taking an exam at school, carries the risk of an earthquake. Meanwhile, the most common reaction for people would be to hide under the table.

Japanese studio Poplife and Znug Design have created a design that will support this issue.

This chair, dubbed as the Mamoris, is designed by a team of designers to keep people prepared and protected from natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis.

As Japan happens to be one of the most natural disasters prone countries, the designers decided on the name of the chair MAMORIS, which is a combination of memoru (protect) and isu (chair) words in Japanese. 

Presented during Tokyo’s Designers Week 2013, MAMORIS chair is a two-part furniture piece with a head-shaped volume underneath. When the piece is separated from the chair, it turns into a neck protector.

MAMORIS can be used as a normal chair during regular days, while in the event of a natural disaster, turning the dial on the seat to 90 degrees and using it as a helmet to protect your head.

Built out of impact-resistant material, the inconspicuous safety chair seamlessly blends into its space.

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