Inspired by the calming atmosphere of the forests, Kauppi & Kauppi designed rooms with strong acoustics for meetings. The series named "Buildup", shaped between architectural and furniture terms was developed by Glimakra of Sweden.

The project is characterized by openness, accessibility, and functionality. Kauppi & Kauppi describes the inspiration behind the project as ‘’a forest glade, a calm space embraced by trees, where you are happy to stay a while —a muted restful place, which is never completely quiet’’. The purpose of the design is described as creating inviting and comfortable meeting rooms. The modules aim to create work environments that feel natural and provide focus.

Kauppi & Kauppi adds that Glimakra of Sweden's know-how in acoustic solutions played a significant role in the development of the design.

At the first launch of the collection, modules in 3 different sizes are offered. There is a 10 m2  round hall for meetings of 4-6 persons, a 17 m2  oval hall for meetings of 8-10 persons, and a 20 m2  oval hall for conference meetings of 12-14 persons.

The fabric-covered walls of the modules serve as an effective acoustic solution with high sound absorption. The acoustic task of the walls is to reduce the reverberation time rather than achieve complete silence. As a result, the atmosphere inside the chambers is relaxing and quiet, while sound levels from the outside are maintained.

The fact that the modules have wide entrances without thresholds reinforces the feeling of being accessible and inviting for everyone. While the wooden rafters of the modules let the daylight in, non-dazzling LED lighting is used to illuminate the interior more.

All modules require no floor, wall, or ceiling connections as they have a fully self-supporting structure. Adjustable feet are also available for uneven floors. The modules are also easy to build, install and, if necessary, move to a new location.


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