OYAK Dragos, one of the most important projects of Istanbul with its strategic location, construction quality, and social opportunities, is getting ready to meet with its users with its mixed-function architectural design where functionality is at the forefront.

OYAK Construction achieved its A-class acoustic performance target as a result of the right staff, the right product, and the right application by collaborating with DKM Construction & Consultancy, which has once again proven its expertise in its field, in accordance with the principles of the new regulation.

OYAK DRAGOS Became The First Building in Turkey to Comply with 'A' Class Impact Sound Insulation Standards!

In the OYAK DRAGOS project, the performance of our DKM patented 5 mm thick film-covered TUNEX under-screed mattress, which received awards from international organizations and was used on reinforced concrete slabs for the insulation of impact sound, was measured by the first acoustic engineering company in Turkey to implement the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions with DKM Construction and Consultancy

The OYAK DRAGOS Project, designed in accordance with the green building concept according to the LEED Gold Certificate, forms a whole with the environmentalist attitude we maintain as DKM Construction and Consultancy. TUNEX, our 100% recycled product, demonstrates high acoustic performance while supporting the sustainability principle.

Measurements Made in The Field Have Been Verified by DKM Construction and Consultancy with Pre-Application Calculations!

Evaluation According to ISO 717-2

L’nTw ( C1) = 42,7 ( 1,4 ) dB

Evaluation based on field measurement results obtained in one-third-octave bands by an engineering method.

C1,50-2500 = 1,8 dB

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