A flexible and modular acoustic partition system called "Scale" was designed by Benjamin Hubert. The development of "Scale" took three years and included 15 prototyping stages. Product designer Benjamin Hubert believes that the emerging work environments will be enriched with new products "Scale" and describes the product as a sculptural space separator that can be easily dismantled and provides elegance with versatile acoustics.

Composed of compressed recycled hemp acoustic tiles mounted on an injection moulded recyclable ABS frame mounted on aluminium, "Scale" is not only made from sustainable materials, it can adapt over time to the changing needs of a commercial interior. Ideal for a growing and shrinking workplace that requires flexible workspaces, for example when building and deploying teams; or a hotel with mixed-use public spaces with various needs.

The system can be used to create both solid and perforated partitions, and the 330mm x 330mm tiles have a large surface area for super-efficient sound absorption. Thanks to its adaptability to different conditions, the "Scale" has a long service life and reduces its carbon footprint.

The "Scale" is a stand-alone design and, unlike existing acoustic partition systems, it is an intuitive, ready-to-use solution that does not require installation expertise, tools for assembly, or integration with the building architecture. The frame is intuitively fastened together using a polymer bolt system and the tiles are simply clipped to the frame using magnetic fixings. In response to the growing interest in flexible workspaces, the structure is simple to change and the floors can be easily changed, making it easy to assemble and disassemble.

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