Resonet is an interactive illuminated sculpture that is displayed during the design week in the Swamp hutong region of Beijing. The multidisciplinary design office CPU’s aim was to create a public structure that illuminates the space as in response to any vibration stimuli. The sculpture takes its name 'resonet' from the combination of the words 'resonance' and 'network'.

The design consists of two rings with LED lights, which are hung from trees in a network pattern over a public area. Vibration sensors attached to it detect vibrations produced by anything nearby, both manmade and nature. Whether it's a swing of a tree or a passing car, energy is transformed into the light that resonates throughout the structure, and the sculpture turn into a bright object for passers-by.

The purpose of the "resonet" is to explore the boundaries between nature, art, architecture and technology by experimentation. 

Resonet also turns into an urban object and interacts with society.


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