Made by Baux from a new paper-like, plant-based material, the nine-panel series was developed in collaboration with Swedish industrial design studio Form Us With Love and scientists from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

The new chemical-free pulp material is based on over 25 years of research and is created from organically modified cellulosic fibres from sustainably harvested Swedish pine and fir trees.

The team working with the manufacturer initially tried mixing shrimp shells, but these were not strong enough and a sustainable supply chain for this ingredient could not be found.

Laser-cut patterns create nano-perforated surfaces inspired by origami paper folding techniques that allow sound waves to enter the panels and become trapped in the honeycomb chambers on the back.

The technology once used in aircraft and spaceships keeps the use of materials to a minimum and creates no waste or pollution in the production process.

Instead of dye, the acoustic pulp is coloured with non-genetically modified wheat bran, creating a palette of neutral colours.

Believing that a sustainable future should be created, the design team states that the panels presented will be used for sound insulation and decoration in common environments such as offices, restaurants, schools and meeting rooms.

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