More than 300,000,000 students worldwide face an imminent danger in their classrooms as their schools are not built to withstand a potential earthquake. Contrary to popular belief, student desks turn into deadly traps when used as a shelter during or after an earthquake, especially in areas that extend along the geological rift lines and where construction quality is poor.

The "Earthquake Resistant Table" designed by Arthur Brutter and İdo Bruno is for various building types and collapse scenarios. It is an accessible design that does not cover the passageways for the rescue team reaching the post-incident area. It has successfully passed a series of vertical impact tests that have been carried out with great care in the laboratories and is currently awaiting the official approval of Italy's Padua University's world-leading structural engineering department.

The durable yet cost-effective table is robust, ergonomic, light enough for two kids to lift and move, and is adapted for non-urgent routines such as classroom cleaning. In addition to different weight and ceiling collapse patents, they are manufactured with earthquake-resistant, responsible manufacturing methods and durable but inexpensive materials.

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