Due to the faults surrounding Japan, it is one of the countries that experience earthquake disasters most frequently and on a large scale. Thanks to the measures taken by Japan, deaths, and injuries caused by structures in earthquakes of 6 and above are almost non-existent. However, he is still working on solutions for the grievances that may be experienced afterward.

The Japan Times reported that Miyagi, one of the three Tohoku District prefectures most affected by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, has completed the construction of temporary housing for the people affected by the disaster, but Fukushima's need has not yet been met. Users affected by the disaster in Onagawa have started to move into buildings consisting of three floors.

The 'Multi-Storey Housing' project designed by Japanese firm Shigeru Ban Architects is a temporary and practical emergency housing structure for those in need of disaster relief in Japan. The project includes 188 residences structured and built on-site. The houses are spaced in a checkerboard pattern when viewed from the front.

Collected units are a maximum of three stories high due to uneven terrain. Due to this form, it exhibits behavior that can show resistance to earthquakes. The lands surrounding the houses, on the other hand, provide a market, library, and meeting area for the users who have to stay in that area temporarily. The project is presented to the users as a complete solution to the housing problem by foreseeing the possibility of long-term accommodation.


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