Autex Acoustics provides more comfort in fields with the solutions it offers.

A good architectural design should appeal not only visually, but also to our senses of touch, hearing, and smell. Architectural design should not be static, it should be constantly evolving. The designed space should make the person in it feel extraordinary emotions. For these feelings, the acoustic control and the degree of lighting in the field play a very important role.

According to research, the right sound control in the field has an improving effect on focus and productivity. With such research, a new market emerges for noise reduction systems in buildings.

Autex Acoustics emerged in 1967 when its founder, David Robinson, started making jute felt. This path, which the company started with felt, has developed over the years and turned to acoustic design in 2000.

Providing support on various issues from production to consultancy services, Autex Acoustic was established to make architectural sound solutions a part of the design. Autex Acoustic follows a path that aims to involve architects and designers at all stages of acoustic projects.

“Flexible Acoustic Groove” is one of Autex's innovative designs in the world of sound insulation. The design, which also helps create personalized spaces, emerged by using the two faces of the cube as modules. It can also adapt to curved and dispersed surfaces.

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