Woven Image company collaborated with designer Michael Young to create an acoustic panel collection that includes "technical decorations" based on algorithms.
The acoustic panel collection, consisting of three styles, Muse Fluid, Muse Cloudy and Muse Mineral, was printed with patterns created using a software program called Grasshopper.
Specially designed for floor-to-ceiling wall applications, the Muse series provides acoustic benefits by reducing echoing noise in common areas such as workplaces and accommodation environments.

"I really believe Muse is cutting edge technology," said British industrial designer Young. "It seems to me that an industrial design office will take a different approach than an artist or even a graphic designer to create a pattern."
The Muse Fluid style is designed to mimic the movement of the ocean, consisting of multiple dots arranged in rows flowing across the panel to create a "wave-like" effect.
The design of the Muse Cloudy consists of a series of different points combined into groups that resemble "clouds".
The third design Muse Mineral has a crosshatch style design consisting of diagonal lines that vary between thicker and thinner widths across the panel to create a patchwork effect.

Each of Woven Image's three designs takes its name from the baseboard on which they are printed, called Muse, made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) with 68 percent recycled materials.
The Australian company emphasizes the need to develop sustainable materials and has so far saved 200 million 600 ml disposable plastic bottles from the landfill for the manufacture of acoustic products.

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