Earthquakes are one of the most destructive natural disasters. Building collapses during earthquakes can cause people to lose their lives and assets. Therefore, the design and construction of earthquake-resistant structures are critical in the construction industry. La Ribera, a housing project located in Mexico, designed by Zeller & Moye, offers a solution.

The 14 city homes included in the project were designed in different sizes and shapes, with an unusual approach. The interior spaces of the houses were created using various materials such as wood, concrete, and metal. Thus, each house has a unique character. While the design and building materials of the buildings are critical factors that determine the extent of damage during an earthquake, these houses, each with a different character, are also freed from monotony.

Each house has open and closed spaces designed according to the needs of its owners. Some of the houses also have private gardens and rooftop terraces. The La Ribera project softens the density and concreteness of Mexico City by offering modern and flexible living space for urban dwellers.

The project focuses on providing people with a sustainable and functional living space that meets their needs. This means that the project is an inspiring example of how urban spaces can be transformed by adopting a unique and innovative approach. Using innovative technologies and materials also offers more options to increase the earthquake resistance of buildings.

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